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Two Stoughton Health emerging leaders received state-wide recognition for their creativity, Dan Arndt and Autumn Kumlien were recognized as “Cost Champions” by Wipfli and the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative. Arndt is the hospital’s Executive Chef and Operations Supervisor of Food and Nutrition Services and Kumlien is the hospital’s Clinical Dietitian and Food and Nutrition Services Coordinator.

Arndt and Kumlien were faced with the challenge of reducing Food and Nutrition Services costs.  Through partnering with community businesses involved in food preparation, Stoughton Hospital was able to reduce Food and Nutrition Services costs by $27,000 during the first 4-months of implementation. In addition, the department now has three community partners that help Stoughton Hospital provide greater choices in meal options as well as a reduced need for direct labor. Looking ahead, these partnerships could save Stoughton Hospital $100,000 to $150,000.

Both Arndt and Kumlien are graduates of Stoughton Health’s “Emerging Leaders” program. “We are very proud of these two leaders for thinking creatively and creating cost savings while still providing quality offerings,” stated Dan DeGroot, Stoughton Health’s President and CEO.