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Pediatric Dental Screenings: No-Cost Option in the Greater Stoughton Community

Jun 5, 2024 | Your Health

No child should go without dental care due to their family’s economic status. In the greater Stoughton community, free dental screenings are available to ensure every child receives the care they need.

Dental hygienist Colleen Krueger shares information about what these screenings entail and why they are so important.

What Happens During the Screening?

During the screening, dental professionals count the teeth, look for visible decay, remove any plaque, polish the teeth, and finally floss. They also provide education on how to properly brush at home, as well as advice about foods and drinks that can harm the teeth.

Parental involvement is crucial, and Krueger aims to give them all the tools they need. “It’s important for parents to know about hidden sugars in foods and things they maybe don’t want their kids eating; foods they perceive as a healthy treat when they really aren’t,” she states.

Why Early Dental Screenings Are Important

Even though the first set of teeth, “baby teeth,” eventually fall out, it’s still essential to make sure they are well taken care of.

“Your baby teeth are important for your bone structure and also for holding space for your permanent teeth. The baby teeth in the back of your mouth stay in your mouth until you’re around 10 or 12 years old, which is a lot longer than people imagine. Educating kids and families on preventing any oral problems is important so they can have a healthy systemic life. Early screenings also identify any oral conditions that may need management in the child’s future,” explains Krueger.

Free Clinic Details

Currently, the Neighborhood Free Health Clinic is seeing kids aged one through nine. Eligible patients should live within the Stoughton Health Services area—Albion, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Evansville, Edgerton, Deerfield, McFarland, Oregon, Stoughton. While there is no dentist on staff at the clinic right now, Krueger notes they can refer a child to a local clinic if any concerns arise during the screening.

To reach the clinic, phone 608-205-0505. There is a separate number for text messages—608-400-7153.

“We really hope people will utilize this clinic. It’s a great thing for our community and we’re happy to be offering it,” shares Krueger.

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