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Community Involvement

Stoughton Health

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Stoughton, WI 53589

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Community Involvement

As part of our mission, Stoughton Health is dedicated to improving the health of the communities and people we serve.

Health Priorities
Through numerous initiatives and partnerships, Stoughton Health contributed over $4.2 million in community benefits and charity care in the fiscal year 2021-2022. Our hospital, along with all Wisconsin hospitals, has a common mission to provide compassionate, quality care and promote wellness and hope in our communities.

Stoughton Health remains committed to providing essential health care to anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay. We are also committed to improving the health and well-being of Stoughton and the surrounding communities.

While Stoughton Health remains committed to providing safe quality health care with exceptional personalized service, we recognize we have limited resources to address all the health needs issues identified. Through a community health needs assessment, Stoughton Health has selected three priority areas of focus over the next three years.

  • Behavioral Health
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Injury Prevention

Parkinson’s Exercise Class

Stoughton Health and Stoughton Library Team Up to Support Girls’ After School Program

Resilience training helps teens to cope with life challenges and obstacles in a healthy manner. Learning how to tap into strengths and support systems guides teens to make positive choices.

Girl-2-Girl (G2G) is an after school program for girls in grades 6-12 designed to encourage development of strength, confidence, honesty, and service by creating a close-knit community where girls can discover and celebrate their true selves.

Stoughton Health and the Stoughton Library teamed up to support G2G through a book donation. With resilience as the topic of the month of May, they chose, “The Resilient Teen: 10 key skills to bounce back from setbacks & turn stress in to success,” by Sheela Raja. Stoughton Health also donated a copy for the library’s collection.

Past G2G mentor, Tracy Markle, shared that benefits of programs like this one go well beyond the time the teen is in the program. Healthy relationships, strong character, and advocacy follows them into their college years and beyond.

Behavioral Health – Mental Health


  • Trained staff and made environmental changes to become a Dementia Friendly hospital
  • Collaborate with partners to develop dementia-friendly communities
  • Participate with Health Council with a focus on Dane County Behavioral Health Services
  • Trained staff in Zero Suicide Program

Our Partners:

Behavioral Health – Substance Misuse


  • Free medication disposal drop off dates – Evansville & Stoughton
  • Free medication drop-off box – Evansville & Stoughton
  • Provide “Good Drugs Gone Bad” Education
  • Participating in prescription drug monitoring through the emergency department

Our Partners:

Dementia Friendly logo
Dementia Friendly

Chronic Disease Prevention


  • StrongBodies program provides exercise guidance
  • Cardiac Rehab Classes provide exercise and diet guidance
  • Stoughton  & Oregon Wellness Coalition events to promote healthy life style changes
  • Healthy Living With Diabetes class series provides diabetic education
  • Diabetes support groups – Oregon
  • COPD Self Screening Tool 
  • QuitNet
  • Freedom From Smoking
  • Free community health screenings
  • Podcasts on prevention and understanding chronic health conditions
  •  Wisconsin Obesity Map

Our Partners:


Injury Prevention


  • Continue to offer community classes focused on improving balance such as Balance Class, Parkinson’s Exercise Program and yoga
  • Continue to offer Safe Sitter and Safe@Home kids classes to help decrease pediatric injuries
  • Partner with local senior centers on Fall Prevention Workshops
  • Continue to promote Wisconsin Elder Abuse Hotline in our clinics and hospital

Our Partners:


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