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900 Ridge Street, Stoughton, WI 53589

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Stoughton Hospital Wellness Garden 


In some of the earliest hospitals, patients who couldn’t afford care worked in the gardens in exchange for treatment. Much to their doctors’ surprise, those patients recovered faster and more fully than their wealthier counterparts who rested in bed all day.

In more recent history, research has helped prove the therapeutic benefit of gardens. In fact, it has been found that patients recovering from surgery that had views of nature had shorter postoperative stays, took less pain medication, and experienced fewer complications. In fact, clinical studies have found that viewing nature produces positive changes in a patient’s blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension and brain activity.

The Stoughton Hospital Wellness Garden and its peaceful surroundings positively affect the mood, stress level and overall well-being of our patients, families and all who visit, giving them the hope they need.

That’s why with your help, we have created the Stoughton Hospital Wellness Garden.