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Cardiology Clinic

Stoughton Hospital

900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

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Cardiology Clinic

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Dr. Kaji provides cardiology services at Stoughton Health’s Cardiology Clinic. Some of the most common cardiac testing he uses to care for his patient’s heart issues include:

Cardiac electrophysiology: the study and testing of electrical currents that result in heartbeats. CT scans: generate images that can be used in determining whether you have heart disease or atherosclerosis, otherwise known as plaque buildup on your arteries.

Echocardiography: uses ultrasound waves to generate images of the heart and nearby structures, which enables cardiologists to observe your heart’s capacity for pumping blood, fighting off infections, and more. Echocardiography can reveal structural abnormalities that may impact on your cardiac health.

Heart monitors: allow cardiologists to monitor your heart’s activity and capacity. These monitors, also referred to as Holter monitors or cardiac event records, record your heart’s electrical activity over a particular length of time.

Nuclear cardiology: Through the use of radioactive element in imaging, nuclear cardiology is a noninvasive study of cardiovascular disorders. Careful imaging techniques can allow cardiologists to view different aspects of the heart and identify where problems may lie.

Stress tests: exercise and physical activity are closely observed by your cardiologist to see how your heart performs under physical stress, providing valuable information about how your heart works in these situations.

Using these procedures, Dr. Kaji may identify potential risks or existing conditions and recommend medications or lifestyle changes that will help improve your heart health.

Eugene Kaji, M.D.

Eugene Kaji, M.D.

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