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General Surgery Clinic

Stoughton Hospital

900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

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General Surgery Clinic

Dr. Schwaab performs a variety of in clinic and surgical procedures. Those procedures include but are not limited to:

  • Appendectomy
  • Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula (Vascular Access for Dialysis)
  • Biopsy & Surgical Removal of Cysts & Masses
  • Breast, Colon & Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Cosmetic Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy Injections)
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment
  • Hemodialysis Access Procedures
  • Gallbladder Surgery
  • Hemorrhoid Removal
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
  • LINX treatment for GERD (acid reflux)
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion 
  • Small & Large Bowel Procedures

Aaron Schwaab, M.D.

AARON T. SCHWAAB, M.D.Overall Satisfaction:

Provider showed concern

Provider explained things clearly

Provider included you in decisions

Provider discussed treatment options

Likelihood of recommending this provider

Patient Comments

"This was my first time coming here and I was very pleased with the doctor, nurses, they took good care of me."

"Dr. Schwab and his staff were great. Very caring and professional."

"First time seeing Dr. Schwab and I have nothing but good things to say very thorough & clear."

"Both RN and GS were excellent!"

"*Dr. Schwab is an excellent doctor."

"*Dr. Schwaab is wonderful."

Meet Aaron Schwaab, M.D. – Board Certified General Surgeon




Breast Care Program

General Surgeon Dr. Aaron Schwaab, and his team have developed a comprehensive Breast Care Program allowing women to receive breast care services close to home.

Listen to Our Health Talk Podcasts!

Stoughton Health Talk
Stoughton Health Talk

Welcome to Stoughton Health Talk

Dialysis Access Fistulas

dialysis-access-fistulasDr. Aaron Schwaab discusses what dialysis access fistulas are, where they’re found, prevention and treatment options.

Stoughton Health Talk
Stoughton Health Talk

Welcome to Stoughton Health Talk

New Technology for Vein Treatment

new-technology-for-vein-treatmentDr. Aaron Schwaab discusses the symptoms and why someone might have varicose veins and how a new treatment EVLT can help.

Stoughton Health Talk
Stoughton Health Talk

Welcome to Stoughton Health Talk

LINX® Reflux Management System To Help Your Acid Reflux

linx-reflux-management-system-to-help-your-acid-refluxAntacids and other medication may reduce GERD symptoms, however studies suggest long-term use of GERD medication might be risky.

Aaron Schwaab, MD, now offers the minimally invasive LINX procedure, which is an effective solution for reflux and may end your long-term dependence on medication. Dr. Shwaab discusses the uncomfortable symptoms of GERD, and how the LINX procedure can help.

Stoughton Health Talk
Stoughton Health Talk

Welcome to Stoughton Health Talk

Advances in Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs & Post-Op Pain Management

advances-in-laparoscopic-hernia-repairs-post-op-pain-managementAn weakness in a muscle wall, can allow extra pressure and strain to be placed on internal organs, pushing them out of place.

This is a condition known as hernia.

Hernia repair has been around for a long time. That means traditional techniques have been perfected while new options and materials have been developed. While not every technique is right for every hernia, they all have common goals: to provide the strongest repair and least chance of recurrence with the least possible discomfort and quickest recovery.

Listen in as Dr Aaron Schwaab, general surgeon at Stoughton Hospital describes the latest advances in Hernia repair and why you should choose Stoughton Hospital for your care!

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