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Medical Surgical Unit

Stoughton Hospital

900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

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Medical Surgical Unit

The Medical/Surgical Unit at Stoughton Health has private rooms where our experienced staff provides state-of-the-art inpatient care for medical and surgical patients of all ages. Many of our rooms overlook the beautiful Yahara River Marsh, a peaceful scene that has become known as the “healing view” among our staff and patients. Our professional, caring nurses are committed to continuing their education and training in order to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive and personalized care. You can rely on our dedicated staff to make your recovery from illness or surgery as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The Medical/Surgical staff work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide round the clock quality, patient focused care, in the most efficient way possible. Services provided include comprehensive care of hospitalized medical/surgical patients/families, care of patients suffering from alcohol withdrawal, cardiac monitoring, and end-of-life. Our Medical/Surgical Unit is also the home to our Transitional Care-Swing Bed Program.

Hospitalist Program & Telemedicine

Hospitalists are fully trained, licensed physicians who specialize in hospital-based medicine. The hospitalist oversees your care during your hospital stay, working with your primary care physician, surgeons, specialists, nurses, radiologists, therapists, pharmacists and any others involved in your care. Our program provides our patients with 24/7 access to hospitalist care.

The hospitalist maintains communication with your primary care physician during your inpatient stay and after your discharge sends a summary report of your care. Your primary care doctor provides your follow-up care after your hospitalization. If you do not have a doctor, you will be referred to one.

The hospitalist makes discharge arrangements for you, including prescribing any medications you may need. Stoughton Hospital provides 24/7 hospitalist coverage with the help of telemedicine and our  “Mobile Doc.” Through Mobile Doc, the hospitalists are able to provide patient care, anytime day or night, without physically being at the hospital.

Mobile Doc allows the hospitalist to:

  • Speak face-to-face with patients and hospital staff
  • View test results
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Discuss your treatment options

Technology makes the process possible, but teamwork is what makes telemedicine successful. Hospital staff can perform physical assessments with the hospitalist hearing and seeing the exact same things. Through Mobile Doc the hospitalist is able to coordinate patient care in real-time leading to:

  • Quick access connecting the patient with the hospitalist or specialist
  • Allows patient to remain in their local hospital without a transfer unless deemed medically necessary
  • Improves outcomes by providing timely, personalized care

If you have any questions or would like more information about the hospitalist program or telemedicine please call (608) 873-2248.

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