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Patient and Family Advisors

Stoughton Health

900 Ridge Street
Stoughton, WI 53589

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Patient and Family Advisors

Help Improve the Patient Experience

Stoughton Health in collaboration with Patient and Family Advisors (PFAs) seek to enhance the healthcare experience at Stoughton Health by providing a forum for patients and families to provide feedback on a variety of healthcare and other related topics.

Patients and family members provide an important perspective on the care received at Stoughton Health and help us carry out our mission of providing safe, quality healthcare with exceptional personalized service.

  • Patient wayfinding and signage
  • Patient education materials
  • Interior furniture selections
  • Patient perception on all aspects of the patient journey

Who Are the PFAs?

PFA volunteers are past patients of Stoughton Health or have had a family member who was a past patient in the last two years. Depending on interest and availability, advisors can serve a two-year term or volunteer for a specific commitment. Advisors offer constructive feedback on their personal journey at Stoughton Health, helping to elevate the patient experience and increase satisfaction.

What Advisors Do

Through participation in a council or a project, PFAs play a meaningful role in helping to shape the patient experience.

As a PFA you will:

  • Share your ideas on how to improve the Stoughton Health experience for future patients
  • Get an insider’s look into health care and improvement efforts

About the Council

The advisory council includes patients, family members, and Stoughton Health facilitators who meet regularly to provide constructive feedback on various topics affecting the patient and family experience. Subgroups will form and meet as needed for specific projects based on the project and timeline.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering as a PFA, complete this three-step process:

Step 1: Complete and submit the online PFA Interest Form

Step 2: To help us assess whether you are the right match for this role you will be contacted to learn more about the program, discuss your interest, and background.

Step 3: Attend a PFA orientation session, discuss specific participation opportunities, and complete additional paperwork.

Fill Out PFA Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Patient and Family Advisor?

Any non-Stoughton Health employee or volunteer who is a past patient or have had a family member who was a patient in the last two years.

We are looking for open-minded people who are willing to be open and honest with us about the experiences they have had at Stoughton Health and help us look for better ways to deliver care.

What is the time commitment to be an advisor?

You will choose the number of hours you volunteer to help us. Some assignments do require attending a monthly meeting for up to two years, but others are a one-time or short-term commitment. We will work with you to find something that works for you.

When do meetings take place and what if I can’t make every one?

The PFA Council meeting date and time will be determined by the group to accomodate the greatest number of members. Depending on the activity, meetings may take place at a Stoughton Health Facility or virtually. You will be notified of the date and location in advance. We know that your time is valuable, and you may not always be able to attend. We just ask that you let your group facilitator know.

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