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Here for You TodayPlanning for Tomorrow

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Here for You Today Planning for Tomorrow

At Stoughton Health, we have always made it a priority to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our community. Based on a careful analysis of current data, we’ve created a plan to improve patient and staff convenience, enhance workflow, and increase staffing to meet the growing demand for our services.

We propose constructing a 56,000 sq. ft. facility adjacent to the SSM Medical Group Dean Clinic, just steps from our main hospital location. We plan to begin construction in the fall of 2023 and to complete it in the spring of 2025.

Learn More About The Project

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Ways to Support

If you are interested in supporting the campaign, Stoughton Health will accept one-time or multi-year pledges (3-5 years) electronically, face-to-face, or through the mail. Please contact the Stoughton Hospital Foundation with any donation’s questions at (608) 873-2334.


What is the Here for You Today, Planning for Tomorrow Campaign?

Our community campaign entitled, “Here for you Today, Planning for Tomorrow” is a $2 million campaign that will help fund: a 56,000 square foot medical building adjacent to the SSM Medical Group Dean Clinic in Stoughton. The total estimated cost of construction is $25 million. This project will allow expansion of our Specialty Clinics that are currently scattered throughout the Hospital and struggle to have adequate and appropriate space to practice as they continue to grow. The Stoughton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Services will be brought back on our main campus, which will eliminate the current parking difficulties for those patients that may be dealing with physical challenges. Finally, we are planning to include over 24,000 square feet of shell space in the lower level that will offer the capability to meet future needs. With the shift from inpatient services to outpatient, we anticipate the need for an ambulatory surgery center which could be housed in the lower level.

How long will this project take to complete?

This project will begin with parking lot construction in August 2023, with construction completed in Spring 2025.

Who is the main contractor?

JP Cullen is the overall contractor for this project. They also will be using local subcontractors, where feasible to support the local economy.

How does Stoughton Health thrive within the highly competitive Madison-area healthcare market?

Stoughton Health provides exceptional, nationally recognized, patient-centered healthcare close to home. Our goal has never been to compete with the Madison hospitals, but rather to complement the services available there. At Stoughton Health, we know what we do well and we know what larger hospitals are better equipped to handle. We are unique in our dedication to providing top-quality services in a smaller community setting. Stoughton Health is consistently recognized for our high levels of patient satisfaction, our uncompromising standard of care, and caring culture not only for patients, but also for each other.

How will this campaign impact the hospital’s annual fund?

Donors redirecting their gifts to the Capital Campaign may affect the annual fund, but typically, the total percentage affected is quite small. Campaigns are an exciting time to show support for the community work that is being done at the local level.  Many times this limited endeavor can re-engage a constituency in a way that is positive for an annual fund after a campaign concludes.

How can I make a gift to the campaign?

Stoughton Health will accept one-time or multi-year pledges electronically, face-to-face, or through the mail. If you choose to pledge a gift, we will gratefully accept a three to five-year pledge (50% paid in the first three years for five-year pledges).

Will Stoughton Health services be reduced during the project?

Patient care is our top priority and services will not be reduced. As always, our committed staff and volunteers will be available to help guide patients. Our goal will be to complete the project as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruptions. Customer parking will be sustained during construction.

What are the project’s priorities?

This project’s priorities include bringing our specialty clinics together in one location, so we can optimize the layout for each service, improve workflow, and enhance convenience for patients and staff. Additionally, by moving specialty clinic offices to the new space, we can free up clinic rooms for urgent care services and enable us to meet the growing needs of our patients. Returning the Stoughton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Services to one location which will enhance satisfaction, safety, and convenience for patients and providers, including pulmonary and cardiac rehab and have space for future growth, which will be much more cost-effective to include into this building project versus starting new construction at a later date.

How many floors in this building?

There will be two floors initially, with the opportunity to build a third floor if needed in the future.

Has anything been considered for sustainable “green” initiatives?

Stoughton Health has written for a grant to include solar panels that are estimated to reduce electrical consumption at Stoughton Health annually by over 30%. Additionally, they have completed an energy study. 

Stoughton Health can build more space and add to their services, but will they have the qualified employees to be able to staff this new building?

This particular project is more about relocating our current services that are already staffed with qualified personnel.  While Stoughton Health recognizes staffing challenges in our community, we have worked hard to build a strong reputation and culture that people want to be part of. With advanced recruitment strategies, constant evaluation of workflow, and competitive and customized compensation packages, we are confident we will continue to have qualified team members to staff this building.  We will continue our mission of providing safe, quality healthcare with exceptional personalized service.

Will you have named giving opportunities?

Yes, named giving opportunities are available at many levels. The list is included in your folder, or you can contact Stoughton Hospital Foundation Executive Director, Laura Mays at (608) 873-2328 to discuss named giving options.

What will happen to our gift if the campaign does not reach its goal?

We are confident that the campaign will be successful. Your gift will still support the overall project, but details will have to be scaled according to the new budget and/or Stoughton Health will have to cover other costs through alternative financing.

Where do I go to find more information and the most recent updates?

To find out for about the campaign or to see the recent updates to the building process, please go to or call the Stoughton Hospital Foundation at (608) 873-2328 or (608) 873-2334.

Laura Mays

Laura Mays

Foundation Executive Director
(608) 873-2328

Laura Mays

Taylor Harmel

Foundation Executive Assistant
(608) 873-2334


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