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JP Cullen Members Empowered with COCPR Skills

Jun 14, 2024 | News & Notes, Stoughton News

Stoughton Health provided a free COCPR training course to JP Cullen’s Stoughton Construction team members. COCPR, also known as compression-only CPR, is similar to CPR but without rescue breaths. COCPR is a way to keep oxygen-rich blood circulating to vital organs until emergency medical services arrive or an automated external defibrillator can be used to shock the heart. Compression-Only CPR has been proven to increase a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival by up to three times. We are proud to share that the members of JP Cullen’s Stoughton Construction team are now COCPR-trained!

Stoughton Health has partnered with JP Cullen, the main contractor for the Medical Outpatient Building which will host specialty clinics, Stoughton Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, and prepare for future needs with shelled space.

If interested in attending an upcoming COCPR training class, please call Kelly at 608-877-3498.

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