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Stoughton Hospital Named One of the 20 Most Socially Responsible Hospitals

Jun 29, 2022 | Announcements, News & Notes

Sixty-six U.S. hospitals earned the distinction of “most socially responsible” by the Lown Institute, a think tank known for its evidence-based assessments of America’s healthcare providers. To achieve this designation, hospitals earned “A” grades across measures of health equity, value, and outcomes. Stoughton Hospital earned the distinction of ranking in the top 20.

Launched in 2020, the Lown Institute Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility draws attention to leading and lagging institutions nationwide, and provides benchmarks for hospitals to measure how well they serve their patients and communities.

In total, the rankings include 3,606 hospitals—with less than two percent earning top marks across all categories. Metrics such as racial inclusivity of patients, employee pay equity, and avoidance of unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures make the Lown Index a unique tool for evaluating hospitals as social institutions.

“Citizens put their lives and billions of tax dollars in the hands of America’s hospitals,” said Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute. “We believe communities should have high expectations and the most socially responsible institutions should be lifted up as models for the system.”

“We appreciate the Lown Institute’s recognition of our social responsibility,” shared Dan DeGroot, Stoughton Health’s President/CEO. “We will continue to act in the best interest of our patients, community and staff letting our mission of providing safe, quality healthcare with exceptional personalized service guide us.”

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