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Stoughton Health Taking New Approach to Empower Parkinson’s Patients

Nov 21, 2023 | News & Notes

Ruby Cabibbo & Emily Devine

Stoughton Health is committed to community collaboration and addressing crucial health priorities like Parkinson’s disease. The focus on partnerships with various organizations and the expansions of Parkinson’s exercise classes reflect a holistic approach to supporting those living with the condition.

Stoughton Health’s Physical Therapist Emily Devine’s dedication and expertise significantly contributed to the success and expansion of the Parkinson’s exercise program. Her role as a mentor, educator, and advocate within the community has been instrumental in advancing the quality and reach of these services.

The feedback from Ruby Cabibbo, Parkinson’s class participant, highlights Emily’s exceptional skills in tailoring exercises to individual needs within a group setting and fostering a supportive and engaging environment. It’s evident that Emily’s passion and commitment to the well-being of those with Parkinson’s Disease greatly benefit the participants, offering not only physical support but also a sense of community and fun within the exercise sessions.

Through Emily’s leadership, supported by Stoughton Health Physical Therapy, Stoughton Health has expanded its services, raised awareness, and advocated for the Parkinson’s community, making a significant impact beyond the classes themselves. Their proactive engagement and commitment truly make a difference, not only in the lives of individuals directly involved in the program, but in the community at large.

For more information about the Parkinson’s Exercise Program, please contact Kelly at (608) 877-3498.

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